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Sunday, October 12, 2014

On Being Productive

Do you ever not start a project or job because you know there is a high probability that you will be interrupted throughout the process of it? How can one combat that problem? It's silly to not doing something because of something that might or might not happen ... but sometimes that is what stops me from being productive.

Sometimes my lack of initiative makes me feel like a frumpy pink plastic electric poodle.

When I am involved in a project, if I am interrupted, it not only stops me from proceeding, but it causes me to backtrack and recover and a project that might normally take a mere hour winds up taking me five. Stopping and starting makes me feel like punching a wall, so I'd rather just not doing something until I know I can be somewhere where no one will insert themselves into my workspace.

I need to solve this problem, but it's something that has plagued me since I was around 12 years old. Knowing that I can't doing something in one fell swoop stifles me from proceeding. Knowing that I can't do something perfectly, often makes me give up before I've even started.

This is how I wind up binge-watching Netflix and posting too much information on social media outlets. I need the human equivalent of horse blinders. I need to train my 38-year-old brain to focus.

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